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10 Tips for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs)

How to survive in a noisy world !

  1. I first learned of this relatively common but misunderstood trait—and recognised myself in it —via the work of psychologist Dr. Elaine Aron (for detailed info on her work, as well as an HSP self-test go here:- HSPs make up 15-20 percent of the population yet often don't have a name for what has made them feel or seem "strange" or "overly sensitive" their entire life.

HSPs are easily overwhelmed by stimuli, get stressed by loud noises and strong smells, are extremely perceptive, have rich inner lives, and need plenty of quiet to maintain their equilibrium. Here, are my top ten tips for living a good life as an HSP!

1) Get enough sleep.

2) Eat healthy foods regularly throughout the day.

3) Wear noise-reducing headphones when you’re going somewhere noisy, like the train station.

4) Plan for ‘down’ time.

5) Have at least one quiet room or space to retreat to in your home.

6) Give yourself time and space to get things done.

7) Limit your caffeine intake.

8) Keep the lights down low and avoid fluorescent lighting.

9) Run errands when others are not around, like early morning or late evening.

10) Surround yourself with beauty and nature.

Remember, be kind to yourself and others and when things get too much get help sooner rather than later !

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