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12 Signs you have a Rainforest Mind

12 Signs You Have a Rainforest Mind

1. You’ve been accused of being too sensitive, too dramatic, too emotional, too curious, and too smart.

It’s the nature of the RFM to be intense. There’s a depth of emotion and a high level of sensitivity.

2. You feel like too much and not enough at the same time.

Even while you’re seen as having an overabundance of sensitivity, emotion, curiosity, and insight — so much that you sometimes overwhelm others — you can also feel like you’re inadequate.

3. You’ve painted your living room 12 times, and it’s still not right.

You can tell the difference between white, eggshell, and ecru.

4. You love learning, reading, and research but didn’t necessarily excel in school.

You may have enjoyed school and achieved high scores. But you may have also been frustrated with the lack of challenge and with having to wait for the other students to catch up.

5. People tell you that you’re not living up to your great potential. You feel pressure to be a high achiever but sometimes end up in perfectionist paralysis.

The high expectations from others and yourself could become quite disabling. Not only that, but you were also born with high standards, whether or not you were pressured to achieve

6. You’re overwhelmed by screeching leaf blowers, strong fragrances, needy friends, loud chewers, buzzing that no one else hears, bad architecture, and beauty.

Whilst you are breathless at the sight of the setting sun on the beach and awestruck at the magnificence of the starry night sky, your friends think you’re a little eccentric.

7. People tell you to lighten up when you’re just trying to enlighten them.

Other people don’t have the same curiosity you have.

8. You may have changed subjects in higher education several times and graduated after 9 years or not at all. You leave a job just when you’ve mastered it because you need to learn something new.

This is called multi-potentiality. You have lots of interests and abilities.

9. You’ve been socially responsible since you were five years old.

You feel responsible for making a difference. Helping people. Changing the world.

10. You’re an avid overthinker and frequent ruminator. Sleep and meditation are challenging.

Overthinking may, in fact, not be a bad thing. It’s how your brain works. And, yes, you will need to work on self-soothing and relaxation if you’re a ruminator.

11. You counsel your friends and relatives etc. and often know what they’re feeling before they do. You have a sense of a larger force in the universe that has a spiritual strength and a loving energy.

People are often drawn to you because of your compassion and your natural listening skills.

12. You often ask yourself: If I’m so smart, why am I so dumb?

If you don’t know about the complexities and contradictions connected to having a rainforest mind, you may have decided you’re not so smart. It’s confusing when you think that being a smart person is all about achievement and eminence. In the rainforest it’s just not that simple.

If You Have a Rainforest Mind

These 12 signs will have resonated and you can begin to recognise who you really are. You can begin loving your sensitive, dramatic, emotional, curious, and smart self!

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