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A new tool to help you find the counsellor you want

Trying to work out what type of counselling you would like? Confused by all the different modalities out there? Not sure what type of therapy would be a good fit for you? Well, I’ve got good news, a new form developed by Mick Cooper and John Norcross is now available for free download and can be completed online to give you a free report about what type of therapist to look for.

The Cooper-Norcross Inventory of Preferences (C-NIP) is a straight forward form which enables clients to express their preferences for psychotherapy. For instance, would they like a therapist who focuses mainly on their thoughts, or who focuses mainly on their feelings?

The C-NIP summarizes any strong preferences that clients might have on four dimensions of therapist style:​

· Therapist directiveness vs Client directiveness

· Emotional intensity vs Emotional reserve

· Past orientation vs Present orientation

· Warm Support vs Focused challenge

In addition, clients are asked open-ended questions about other therapy preferences they may have: for instance, the number of therapy sessions they would prefer.

The C-NIP has been translated into nine language and an estimated 3,000 clients having used this measure since its inception in 2005. Initial research suggests that clients rate the C-NIP as a helpful tool in their therapeutic journey.

You can access the form here:-

and once you have filled it in use it as a basis for discussion with any counsellors you are thinking of working with.

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