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Children's Mental Health Week

This year families and schools will be taking part in Children’s Mental Health Week from 6th -12th February. The week is organised by the counselling charity Place2Be and has the theme Let’s Connect.

The theme is all about making meaningful connections between children themselves, their families and the wider community. We know that people thrive in communities and that community connections are vital for mental well-being. Having healthy connections to those around us supports our self-worth and gives us a feeling of belonging. When our need for social connection is not met then we can feel isolated and lonely which in turn has a negative impact on our mental health.

This Children’s Mental Health Week why not reach out to a family, a youth organisation or a child in your family and just ask how they are doing or what you can do to help?

You can find free resources for parents and carers and more information about the week at there you can also find information on organising a Dress to Express fundraiser to help the charity Place2Be raise funds to support more children and young people.

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