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Doing Well but...

Have you ever wondered why you find small talk, office politics, dating and handling conflict difficult to manage?

Sonia Falck has an idea and also some ideas about what you can do to make things easier. Dr. Falck in her new book “Living with Extreme Intelligence: developing communication skills” thinks the difficulties, which around 2% of the population experience, are predicated on the very thing that otherwise helps you get ahead, intelligence or overall level of high-functioning behaviour.

Falck highlights the wounding the very high functioning often experience because of the challenge of ‘fitting in’ and through a series of vignettes and practical exercises shows how you can leverage your ability to learn to do things differently and make socialising easier. Falck’s initial work with members of Mensa is also worth reading in “ Extreme Intelligence: development, predicaments, implications.”

You can find out more about Dr Falck, high work and her take on high intelligence by visiting her website at www.

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