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Giving Yourself Permission to Grieve

Just recently I have been working with a few people who have been feeling that they have to suppress their emotions in order not to be a burden on others.

Then suddenly, when in a safe place all those suppressed emotions came rushing out to greet them. It was an overwhelming and surprising event for them.

We all have emotions and if we ignore or suppress them that does not make them go away.

They are just feelings, you do not have to act on them but try and recognise them.

Go on, Give yourself permission to feel all the feelings.

I promise you will feel better for it !

This idea of giving ourselves permission to feel is especially relevant to grief.

We can experience grief not just through bereavement but because an unwished for change appears in our life over which we have no control. A job loss, being bullied, having a time of separation from friends and family, all of these can produce grief.

I have heard people say " Oh I shouldn't feel like this, other people are so much worse off" but your feelings do not depend upon the situation other people find themselves in. Your feelings are your feelings and if you experience a loss of some sort you are likely to experience grief.

So go on, give yourself permission to grieve !

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