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The helping conversation

We all need help and support from time to time as we deal with the problems and issues of life, especially those that threaten to overwhelm us. One option, in theory at least, is to seek the help of a professional. In practice, however, that’s not realistic for most people.

This is why, perhaps more than ever, society would benefit enormously if more “ordinary” people understood the basic principles of helping and had the communication skills required to use them effectively.

Knowing the outline of how to hold a Helping Conversation will enable you to manage your problems and unused opportunities more effectively and help others to do so.

1. Know and understand the problem you want to tackle

2. What do you need or want instead of what you have

3. Know and understand what you need to do to get what you want

4. Know and understand how you can make it all happen

Once you have talked all that through with yourself or with a trusted friend then you can start to implement small steps for change.

If you would like more detail about The Helping Conversation there is a great website:-

So now you have the ‘green light’ to start to deal with problems and issues before they get to the point where professional help is required !

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