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Tips for Forest Bathing

Forest bathing is all about taking in the scenery and impact of the forest through all the senses so that you feel better physically and mentally. Try these top tips to make the most of your time in the forest.

1. Limit technology and distractions. The entire point of forest bathing is to take a break from the whirr and buzz and breakneck pace of the technological world.

2. Find a sitting spot you can return to. Return regularly and notice all the changes through the seasons.

3. Set an intention for your practice. When you enter the woods, think about something simple you want to accomplish while you’re there. To feel relaxed, to tone down anxiety, to feel closer to Nature, to notice something new, to tune your ear to bird songs etc.

4. Don’t force it. Even if you have an intention, don’t force it. Don’t feel obligated to leave the forest a less stressed, changed person. Allow whatever happens to happen.

5. Perform an entrance ritual. Find a ritual you can perform before entering the forest to set the practice apart from the rest of your day, it can be as simple as doing a few deep breaths before going into the woods.

6. Don’t go far. Forest bathing is more about standing still and noticing than moving at any sort of notable pace.

7. Engage all your senses. Use your five+ senses to really experience the full spectrum of the forest. Forest bathing is an exercise in mindfulness where you pay attention to everything happening right now.

8. Bring your journal. A nature journal is one of a forest bather’s best allies. Journaling is a means of gathering your thoughts and experiences into a cohesive message or record. Journaling also guides you to notice things and put them into words.

9. Practice gratitude. Cultivate a heart of gratefulness whenever you go into the forest. Any time, really. But gratitude for nature and Creation changes your entire perspective.

10.Perform an exit ritual. Just like you perform an entrance ritual to shift your focus, you can also practice an exit ritual to transition back into your regular life.

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