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Top 10 Tips for Half Term


Breathe a sigh of relief that school and video lessons are suspended for a whole week! Then try these ideas to stop the cries of “I’m bored!”

· 1. Breathe the air

If the weather is good over half term then take the opportunity to get everyone out and about in the fresh air. It is energising and makes everyone feel better.

· 2. Fun with animals

Most children love animals, so try to find an opportunity to see some this half term! Lots of zoos are hosting free online video tours just now.

· 3. Geocaching

A growing worldwide trend which is increasingly popular in the UK is geocaching. Think of it as a real-life treasure hunt. All you need to get started is the Geocaching app and/or a GPS device. You then use one or both of these to navigate to cleverly hidden containers called geocaches. The geocache coordinates are registered on a geocaching website such as

· 4. Have fun getting fit

Half term is a great time for all the family to get fit together. This doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Do your own fun run, danceathon or obstacle course.

· 5. Explore your local area

Now we are allowed to travel a bit further get out and explore somewhere you have always promised you would go, the local nature reserve or a different local park.

· 6. Films

Check out a film you haven’t seen or a favourite that you’ve not watched for a while. Make a big thing of it by rearranging the seating and getting out the popcorn – just as if you were in a cinema. Though you are allowed to wear pyjamas and onesies of course!

· 7. Get creative!

Most children love making things, so why not dedicate an afternoon to arts and crafts during half term? Whether it’s painting or drawing, slime or playdoh, creating collages or mosaics using images from magazines or building something innovative and unique from basic household items; there are all kinds of possibilities.

8. Fun and games

Board games seem to be becoming popular again so why not enjoy playing some of your old favourites and exploring some of the newer ones.

· 9. Tidy up

If you have been inspired by the Marie Kondo Tidying Up craze then why not start decluttering your home this half term?

· 10. Afternoon tea

Last but definitely not least, take a look around your home for tea cups and plates and plan an afternoon tea, scones, jam, cream and little sandwiches and get the children to make it all !

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