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September is always a month of changes and transitions, back to school, back from holidays but this year we face additional challenges and questions, will I go back to the office, will there be lectures in person, will face masks come back in schools?

With change often comes anxiety and if you find that you are more anxious then usual this year then please know that you are in good company, research is currently showing that around 50% of the population is feeling some degree of anxiety.

Knowing that anxiety is normal then leads us to the question of how to cope with it. Fortunately we know lots about that. So here are my top 10 tips on dealing with transitions and the anxiety they can provoke:-

1. Maintain a positive attitude

2. Recognize that change is constant

3. Stay connected

4. Communicate with others

5. Be optimistic even though you might not be happy at the moment

6. Self-reflect

7. Learn new skills

8. Over communicate

9. Ask as many questions as you need

10. Look for ways to help others cope with transitions

Finally, reach out for professional support if you are getting overwhelmed, you don't have to suffer in silence !

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