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What is counselling for me?

Counselling is about understanding and working with life challenges. It’s about understanding common and failed responses to life’s dilemmas and using psychological principles to create better solutions. As a counsellor I help people find the courage to dare to be different than they have been before, and work in concert with them to find their path out of the anxiety, grief, depression, anguish etc. that has brought them to reach out for help.

I take great joy in helping clients to discover strengths and adaptions that have been hidden for years and to free them to have more positive experiences. I do this because I want my clients to have those experiences of peak performance and transcendence which are the ultimate source of human happiness.

The time I spend with my clients is a time to search for meaning, to search for understanding, and to search for sometimes new and novel ways of thinking - ways that reveal new possibilities. As a counsellor I can offer you a safe space for a short or longer period of time to explore what your way forward might look like and having envisaged what that might be find a way to put it into practice. As a client you are always in control of what we do, how fast we work and when the time has come to end.

Over the years I have seen hundreds of people make use of such a space and have been humbled by the extent of the change they can make by having the opportunity to reflect and learn. I always learn a lot from my clients and for that I am incredibly grateful to be in the profession I’m in !

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