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What is the Difference between Helping and Counselling?

Lots of us turn to family and friends when we need a little help but how do you know when it's time to turn to a counsellor ? Think about what you need? If a brief chat is fine or you just need someone to listen for a while then family and friends are great. They might offer advice that you don't want to take but in hearing their opinion you come to see your own way forward. But what happens when you're stuck with an issue you don't want others to hear about?

Professional counselling can offer you:-

Time with a trained, registered mental health professional;

A confidential space ;

Someone who won't offer you advice based on what has worked for them rather than your unique situation;

A professional contract;

Time with someone who receives regular supervision so you know they are safe and up to date with current psychological insights;

Someone who will be led by you;

Someone you have chosen at a time and place of your choosing and

Space to explore with someone whom you know adheres to a professional code of ethics.

That sounds pretty good doesn't it ? So, even if you just need some space to come back to being you, a single session of counselling can make all the difference.

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