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Working with your Biography

Living as we do in a time where social networks are increasingly falling apart and many of us experience losses of meaning, vital relationships, will and love for life working with your biography can address our quest for meaning. Biography work helps to bring us in touch with our life questions in a way that takes all the aspects of our lives equally into account.

Working with your life story focuses people on the questions and tasks their own biography presents them with. Finding those things then allows life itself to gain a new dimension and simultaneously makes a contribution to the development of humanity as a whole.

When facing crises and existential questions healing and development are closely interlinked and work with your biography stands at the threshold of healing and development. It strengthens who you are as a person and helps you read the language of our own life story - by recognising general laws in human biography and by activating one’s own creative potential to work with them.

To gain a deeper understanding of who we are we need to practice being a witness to our own experiences and use a research attitude to take a deep interest in the unfolding of our life and the questions it confronts us with. Insights thus gained can free up forces which can be used to find creative steps towards coping with crises and future possibilities out of a much wider perspective.

Ultimately biography work allows you to approach your biography in such a way that you can inspire others and find new possibilities for yourself as you move into the future.

That said, looking at your biography can also be fun, help you recover interests and passions and let you know that every stage of life has its own gifts to give you. So why not use some time over the holidays to reflect on your life story so far?

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