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Mental Strength

10 Things to do to Stay Mentally Strong

With the start of a new year many people make resolutions to get fitter, usually physically fitter and healthier but what about mental strength and how to gain or maintain that? Research, shows that people who maintain mental strength and resilience in the face of life challenges have a few things in common and below is a list of the ten most important. What about choosing one of these to practise a month over the coming year?

1.Spend little time feeling sorry for yourself

We all have the odd bad day when we think ‘why me and the universe has just got it in for me’ but any more that the odd occasion and you are undermining your emotional resilience.

2. Guard your power

Stop worrying about what you think you should be doing to be accepted and start doing what works for you, you’ll be happier and that will attract others more than trying to fit in.

3. Embrace change

The whole universe is tending towards entropy so change is inevitable, try accepting it instead of working against it as the change will happen anyway!

4. Focus on the things you can control

People worry, we are hardwired for it as part of survival, but worrying won’t change things so concentrate on the things you can do.

5. Stop feeling you have to please everyone

No matter how hard you try there will be someone it doesn’t work for, move on, you can’t change them!

6. Take calculated risks

As we get older it can be tempting to settle for a certain routine but we need a bit of excitement to stay mentally healthy, so mix it up a little!

7. Learn from your mistake

Mistakes are inevitable, be pleased for the success of others and then move on, there is nothing to be gained from dwelling on what happened!

8. Focus on the present and the future

There is nothing you can do about the past, start from where you are now and you’ll make gains.

9. Remind yourself that you are not owed anything

Lots of unhappiness comes from feeling entitled, don’t take things personally and remember everyone is preoccupied with their own stuff not you!

10.Remind yourself that change takes time

Be gentle and kind to yourself, all journeys start with a single step.

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