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Outdoor Therapy

For a long time, I wanted to take my therapy outside of my office, and indeed outside of any boxes, so I am really pleased that I can offer socially distanced sessions in the garden and ‘Walk and Talk’ sessions in a setting to suit you. The best way of understanding this kind of therapy, is for you to hear from someone who has experienced it.

When I turn up to the woods, I feel an inner peace, that has never been felt before in all my years on the planet, leaving me with the ability to look at myself honestly and openly, without fear of the repercussions”.

All of my clients have said that they like the outdoor sessions because they don’t like the intimidation of an office. It is a huge step for someone to admit they need help, so the less traumatic I can make it for them the better. The one word that keeps being used by all of my clients is "peace". Tranquillity is a new feeling for most of them, and it enables them to change their point of reference to something that makes them feel good. Seeing and hearing deer and woodpeckers and other birds helps them when they are descending into darkness and they can fall back on memories of the natural world to help restore calm in their lives.

When we sit in a garden or walk around the woodlands talking about very personal topics, my clients are not just talking to me, but their words are going out to Nature. This enables them to release issues and hurt that have been in them for decades, without it feeling as though it is bouncing back at them off a wall. Also, silence is not an issue when walking around the woods or sitting in the garden, as there is no pressure to fill it with any old nonsense that has no connection to the healing process. Instead, they can be comfortable with their own thoughts, as if Nature is giving them a supporting shoulder to lean on. I have always believed in the power of silence, and its ability to help people see the actual thoughts they keep hidden away. So, when you take away the need to fill it, and the fear of a room closing in on you, the client is left with a freedom to be in control of their own thought processes.

Sitting in the natural world gives people clarity, and the simplicity of the woods gives them a happiness and peace they have never felt before. They may have been trapped in the cycle of chasing unachievable dreams, but when they walk around the woods, material things don’t seem quite as important. They can then focus on what makes them happy, what they enjoy and actually how little they really need. This is a huge turn-around for them, and can release years of living for the expectations of others.

Why not try it for yourself ?

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